FAQ’s on Buy-To-Let Limited Company Borrowing

1. How will the restriction of relief on BTL mortgage interest affect landlords?
2. Should my clients borrow via a limited company going forward?

3. How will my clients’ taxation work through a limited company?

4. Does it take longer to process a limited company application?
5. Are buy to let mortgages for limited companies more expensive?
6. Why can my clients borrow more via a limited company than personally?

7. SPV or trading limited company? Does it matter?

8. What’s the difference between an SPV and a trading limited company

9. How would my client set up an SPV limited company?

10. What is a SIC code?

11. How do you get a SIC code?

12. Can my clients borrow through a newly created SPV with no accounts?

13. Can my clients simply transfer personally owned rental property to a limited company?


For the answers to all these questions email info@businessfinancequote.com with “FAQ Company Borrowing” in title and a PDF will be emailed back to you